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The exclusion of other previous administrations from the scope of investigation by the Truth Commission is justified by the substantial distinction that complete and definitive stories overlaying their respective periods have already been rendered. The same is not true with the immediate previous administration. There is thus no undue favor or unwarranted partiality. To include everyone another time is to insist on a ineffective act.

He State may intrude wherever the general public interests demand it, and in this particular a large discretion is necessarily vested within the legislature to determine, not only what the pursuits of the basic public require, however what measures are needed for the protection of such pursuits. The legislature could not, underneath the guise of protecting the public pursuits, arbitrarily interfere with non-public enterprise, or impose uncommon and pointless restrictions upon lawful occupations. In other phrases, its willpower as to what is a correct exercise of its police powers is not final or conclusive, however is subject to the supervision of the court.

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In the meantime, the formulation of the old religion are retained and repeated by force of behavior, until in the future the conclusion comes that conduct and sympathies and basic wishes have turn out to be so inconsistent with the logical framework that it have to be discarded. Then begins the task of build up and rationalizing a brand new faith. In the first discussion board, no element of finality characterizes the Commission’s reviews since – from the attitude of the EO’s specific purposes of prosecution and coverage formulation – they’re merely recommendatory and are submitted for the President’s, Congress’ and the Ombudsman’s consideration.

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The Government of the Philippines Islands is an agency of the Congress of the United States. The powers which the Congress, the principal, has seen fit to entrust to the Philippine Government, the agent, are distributed amongst three coordinate departments, the chief, the legislative, and the judicial. It is true that the Organic Act accommodates no general distributing clause. But the principle is clearly deducible from the grant of powers.

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That EO 1 declares that the Truth Commission "will act as an unbiased collegial physique" cannot invalidate EO 1. This provision merely signifies that the President is not going to dictate on the members of the Truth Commission on what their findings and proposals should be. The Truth Commission is free to come out with its personal findings and proposals, free from any interference or strain from the President. Of course, as EO 1 expressly provides, the President, Congress and the Ombudsman are not bound by such findings and suggestions.

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This concern, however, co-exists with many others and isn’t the be-all and end-all of the Charter. The means and method of addressing this constitutional concern, for example, fee very extremely within the hierarchy of constitutional values, notably their impact on the structure and operations of presidency and the rights of third events. Two inter-related options of the EO primarily contribute to the ensuing violations. The first is the utilization of the title Truth Commission, which, as used within the EO, is fraught with hidden and prejudicial implications past the seemingly simple reality that purportedly characterizes the Commission. The second relates to the truth-telling function of the Truth Commission under the terms of the EO. Together, these features radiate outwards with prejudicial results, resulting within the above violations.